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Our attorneys have defended numerous call centers and service providers against state regulatory investigations, third party subpoenas, and consumer lawsuits.

Compliance Consulting

We’re there for you when your business needs a fresh set of eyes to uncover hidden regulatory problems or to help you develop a compliance strategy.

Call Center Auditing

Whether you need expert legal advice or a comprehensive audit of your business, we have trained professionals to tackle any situation.

We’re a well-established telemarketing law firm with a reputation for excellent work and fair prices. Our attorneys are experts in the fields of telemarketing, debt collection, lead generation, and autodialer compliance. We represent hundreds of call centers and vendors throughout the United States and abroad.

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In addition to telemarketing compliance audits, our firm can help with virtually any telemarketing compliance need. This would include obtaining a telemarketing license, telemarketing bond, compliance script, an autodialer opinion, or confirmation of an exemption. 

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